The Reasons Why Permanent Records Chicago Got Closed
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The Reasons Why Permanent Records Chicago Got Closed

Permanent Records can be defined as one of the most recommended place where you can find the vinyl records of your favorite musicians.

Unfortunately, it had been closed after more than 10 years being the part of the business. It spent its last day on September 17th, 2017. Yet, what are actually the reasons behind the closing of the record store? In case you really want to figure them out, you better keep reading below.

There are actually so many speculations about the reasons why Permanent Records Chicago got closed. Nevertheless, here are some of the real reasons:

It will be a nice idea to move
One of the reasons why Permanent Records store Chicago got closed is because its owners, Lance Barresi and Liz Tooley, believe that it is a good idea to move the store to the other city. The have found that it was so hard to handle the store especially when they left Chicago to Los Angeles few years ago. So then, they have to struggle to run the store from the different city. They finally realized that it would never work nicely if they kept doing the same. So, even though it was so hard to do, they decided to close the store and relocate it in Los Angeles. By doing so, they will be able to develop the store in the best way without spending too much time and energy for traveling from Los Angeles to Chicago.

• The lease of the record store has expired
Furthermore, the other reason why Permanent Records store Chicago was closed is that its lease has expired already since in the end of September 2017. This particular fact made his come to Dave and Robert (partners in Los Angeles). All of them have an agreement to open Permanent Records store on the West Coast. Then, it hopefully will make the store get more people at to attract. Not only that, it can also suit the requirements and the expectations of many music lovers in the city. So, he added that it can be a remarkable new adventure for him when he starts over again.

In conclusion, those are some reasons why Permanent Records store in Chicago got closed. Optimistically, all of them can really make you understand the hard decision that the owners made. Thus, it can convince you that you will never lose your favorite record store as you can still find it in Los Angeles, California.

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