It is more than a record store
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What Does Permanent Records Chicago Mean to the Local Community?

The closing of the Permanent Records store is a kind of sad news that shocked the local community of Chicago. It is because this wonderful record shop, where the people can find the excellent quality of music that can really suit their tastes and styles as well as possible, had been the part of the town for so long since 2006.

Yet, Lance Barresi, who is one of the owners, announced news stated that the record store would be closed and relocated to Los Angeles in September 2017. So then, there are many people feel so sad and emotional because of it. So, what does the record store really mean to them? Let’s figure them out below.

It is more than a record store
It is actually so obvious that Permanent Records store in Chicago really means a lot to the local community. It is all because this store is more than what it look like ever since it got open on its first day in 2006. It kept more and more expanding as owner and co-owner of the store made it a record company as well. There are actually some local artists that they have been working with all this time, such as Bad Axe, Running, Cacaw, The Chicago Triangle, VCSR, and so many more.

This record store had really given its contributions in order to help the city to have the more exciting music industry surely. Not only that, it helped to introduce the local musicians so greatly through their fabulous music. Thus, they can make the better lives to life by their creativity in music, which was so cool.

The people will not replace it easily
Furthermore, the deep meaning of Permanent Records store for the local community of Chicago shows that it will never get replaced so easily. Even though, Barresi stated that he is widely open for any negotiations with anyone who are so interested in buying the inventory of Permanent Records. He believes that it is only the matter of time to find the right person that can manage the store in a good way. He even told the people that there are so many people who really want to discuss about the agreement. Still, he does not know how serious it can be but he is so looking forward to it. So, let’s just wait and see until there is a new record store that will take over the location of Permanent Records Chicago.

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