Why Did They Close Permanent Records Chicago
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Why Did They Close Permanent Records Chicago?

Permanent Records Chicago has been known so well as one of the best record stores that can definitely provide you all the best records of the popular musicians. Unluckily, a shocking thing happened when the owners of the store Liz Tooley and Lance Barresi confirmed that the record store would be closed after its last day on September 17th, 2017. Based on this fact, most people were so wondering why Permanent Records Chicago got closed. Well, in case you are one of them, you better continue reading below.

There are many things happened behind the closing of Permanent Records store in Chicago, which some of them are:

• Making it easier to handle
One of the reasons why the owners of Permanent Records store in Chicago decided to close the store is they want to make it easier to handle. In the other words, they really want to run develop the store in the best way possible yet the problems came after they moved to Los Angeles. They feel that they do not have enough time to travel from Los Angeles to Chicago regularly to take care of the store. So then, they thought about close the store and relocate it in Los Angeles, so that they can run the business in the optimal way still. There is no time and energy that they and https://multibet88.club have to waste as they do not need to go nowhere to handle anything about the store.

• Nice opportunity in Los Angeles
Moreover, the nice opportunity in Los Angeles is the other reason why Permanent Records store in Chicago was closed. It is all because they have the upcoming lease in the West Coast as the old lease in Chicago had been expired already. There are Robert and Dave that make everyone so excited about opening Permanent Records store in Los Angeles. All of them think that it will be a very excellent idea to open a music store in the city. So then, they will have the much better chance to carry the missions of bringing the old arts to the next level.

In conclusion, those are several things you need to know about why Permanent Records Chicago got closed. All of them must make many people in Chicago feel sad as the record store is one of the places that they love about. Thus, it is clear that this record store is the awesome place for the great quality music that you cannot miss at all.

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